San Marcos Youth Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a fun, fast-paced sport to both watch and play. It requires great agility, eye-hand coordination, strength and endurance. It is not surprising that this sport is growing as fast as it is.

San Marcos Youth Lacrosse is dedicated to grow the sport of lacrosse by providing parents information about leagues in and around San Marocs for our youth. As a parent of a child who is very interested in playing lacrosse I have found it difficult to get consolidated information. Most of what I have found out has been from word of mouth and asking around. I am excited to consolidate what I have found and welcome any input or suggestions of other programs I may have missed.

The San Marcos Warriors was designed as a feeder system for San Marcos High School. By providing programs that allow our boys to become better players and build commradre helps to create a better high school team.